Friday, 29 August 2014

Denim for autumn

Its been a while since I have done any kind of fashion post, so today I thought I'd share with you my latest look that I seem to be wearing a lot at the moment. Last year I seemed to live in leggings all the time, however this year its been denim! Denim has had a massive comeback this year with there being different styles on the highstreet from high waisted to ankle grazers and low risers. We have seen the return of the boyfriend jean to then evolve into the girlfriend jean. Every outfit seems to have a piece of denim in it, I mean hey Chanel did do the denim back pack after all.
   If you follow my instagram (which you can do here ), you will notice I have lived in my Topshop Jamie jeans, either the plain style or my ripped ones.  So today I bring to you a look which is casual and comfy and looks great for the change in weather.

Loving this cute Chanel style phone case!

Slogan Bags are a massive trend!

My top is from New Look
Jeans Topshop
Skater Pumps Topshop
Bag Next
Phone case Futurocks

Hope you like my outfit for the cooler weather we seem to be getting!

Whats your style as we head into autumn?

Vicki xoxo

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fashions Finest Newcomer

            What once started out as a young girls dream has now turned into reality.
   K-EMfashion is a new clothing brand that has just launched its very own website!!! The designer behind the clothing and accessory line took her passion for fashion to the next level, from selling on well known online websites, Asos Marketplace and Depop, to branching out on her very own! Becoming very popular in her hometown of Liverpool, with showcasing her looks at the Shine Fashion Show, a charity event, to raise money for Francesca Bimpson, K-EMfashion was growing rapidly. With interest growing the brand decided to stock selected items in a salon called Mason Anthony to gain more interest from the local community! And who doesn't love to support home grown talent!
    What I personally love about this company is its use of bold prints and colours which are perfect for the summer months! Key pieces such as kimonos and kaftans are on every girls shopping list this year and this collection doesn't disappoint. With different lengths and cover ups anyone can wear these versatile pieces! I really love a kimono as they can change how the outfit looks completely and give a totally different vibe!
    Accessories are also sold on the website and you won't believe the prices!!! From as little as five pounds you can be wearing a beautiful statement necklace which is sure to glam up any outfit!

     Heres a little preview of some of the fabulous pieces you can now buy online!

With the website only just being launched this week you lovely readers get an extra 10% off with the code 10OFF which is valid until Sunday! So what are you waiting for? Head over to now!!!!!
 Support K-EMfashion by following them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for all the latest updates on the clothing brand!

Happy Shopping!!!

Vicki xoxo

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Little treasures from Zefyr

I decided after my recent post on Zefyr jewels, ( you can find the post here ), it was essential to have a piece in my ever growing jewellery collection. I decided on the Lolly necklace in gold with the blueberry stone as I loved the simplicity of the design and the colour.
And here she is....

The necklace came in a small recycled, cardboard box with soft blue tissue paper, which really set the stone off. The delicate chain is a perfect gold shade, that is long in length to be worn for any occasion. What I really love about the Zefyr collection is that a story enfolds behind every piece. No piece is ever made to follow a trend, but simply to be worn with love.

 Tanya Coelho, the lady behind the jewels, describes this piece as,

          "I used to live in the medieval district of Edinburgh and just down the road from my
           place there was an old fashioned sweet shop with lolly jars in the windows. As I
           was walking past one day, a shaft of sunlight hit the jars and lit up their sweet
           deliciousness. This playful collection sprang from that moment!"

Much to my surprise there was a second box within the package with a note from Tanya herself, as a thank you for my post she sent me a beautiful gift.

This dainty piece has gotten so many compliments I love it!

Don't forget to follow Tanya and her team on instagram at and head over to the website to shop all the collections! 

Happy Shopping!
Vicki xoxo

Are Models Real Anymore?

Ever since I started blogging at the start of the year, I have become more and more obsessed with looking at images online, whether it be the latest "it" bag or "it" girl wearing a particular fashion trend at the time. This obsession has led to many pics being reposted and snap-shots being taken to remember those all important fashion moments. However it doesn't just end there, most days I will be taking selfies and shots of what ever I deem relatable to my blog and what I believe my readers/followers want to see.
    Now all this jabbering on leads me to question certain things about the blogging industry, but not just the blogging industry more so the fashion industry and its beliefs. The "weight" argument in the fashion industry is just one of a multitude of problems that go on, for example it was only in 2011 that Dior's designer Galliano was video recorded making racial slurs which then went on to sweep across the whole world via the web. The point I'm making here is the fact that one person in the public eye can have a massive impact on how we see things and influence us.
     The fashion industry has this influence and for many years size zero was the only acceptable size to be walking down the catwalks. Ok so I may be a little extreme here in saying size zero, but you get my drift, skinny means skinny, not a curve in sight. So doing some research into the debate of the use of real sized girls versus skinny girls I was quite astonished to see how much body shapes have changed over the years!

Marilyn Monroe was the original pin up girl flaunting her curves in the 1950s.

Twiggy came crashing onto the scene in the swinging 60s, with her tiny frame and large eyes.

Jerry Hall at 6ft was also a very skinny model in the 70's.

Cindy Crawford became known as one of "The big six" in the eighties being the most popular and successful model.

A young fresh faced Kate Moss made the 90s all about the Calvin Klein brand!

Alessandra Ambrosio is a favourite of many since the Victoria Secrets campaign.

The girl with those "eyebrows",  Kara Delevingne is the It girl who everyone wants modelling their fashion collections.

I have picked these particular models as I personally feel they do represent their time era in which they either started their career or were most popular, ( I do note that there are loads for each year that I could of picked but these are the ladies I particularly like).

However the shape of these models can't go unnoticed as in the fifties women embraced their natural curves and now in 2014 there are no curves left to be seen. Yeah we all like to look at beautiful things, women even, but at what price? Are we unrealistic in what we expect to be natural looking today? So the top super models are mega thin, skinny even, but then there is another world, the blogging world. Brands are now coming to bloggers to showcase their products to their followers, which in some popular bloggers cases can be thousands of followers on social media sites. Sites such as Twitter and Instagram can gain a blogger a lot of exposure as well as the company they are representing. Some fashion bloggers are now classed as celebrities and walk the red carpet like the a-listers. And why are they so popular, I hear you say! Are they the traditional size zero? No. They are the girl next door who everyone can relate to as they have more to offer to the fashion industry as reality is we all come in different shapes, sizes and ages and that can't be said of the pre selected models that the industry uses to promote their products.

  Doing some research I asked friends and family into their thoughts on what they prefer to see online and in magazines, with regards to using real people for products or using high profile models. The response shocked me, as 85% said they preferred to see real women wearing the product than to see it on an actual model, 10% weren't fussed either way and 5% said they preferred to look at models. Further into this research I found several companies that have used bloggers and natural women in their latest campaigns and a particular company who only uses natural women to promote their clothing line, which is My Cmora. Now what I personally like and prefer about this particular online clothing store is the fact they use real people so you can see exactly how the product fits and what it looks like on a woman whose figure is more realistic in this day and age than that of a size zero.

I found this picture through google and felt it perfect to sum up my own personal opinions on the use of real women for websites and campaigns. Yeah I love to see what the A-listers are wearing but when purchasing products for myself especially clothing I prefer to see natural woman representing the brand! So the next time you go to purchase the item, take note on who is actually wearing the product and are they a good representation of the brand?

Let me know your thoughts on the use of real sized people for brands!

Vicki xoxo

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