Tuesday, 14 July 2015

The Monsoon Collection

Tanya Coelho, the designer of Zefyr Eco Jewels, has just recently launched her much anticipated new Monsoon Collection. After great success from her first line I was particularly interested to see where Tanya's travels would take her and where the collection would go to next. For me it isn't just about the pieces itself its also about the whole packaging, even the name. The definition of the word Monsoon, "a seasonal prevailing wind in the region of South and South East Asia, blowing from the south-west between May and September and bringing rain, (the wet monsoon), or from the north east between October and April, (the dry monsoon). Having learnt how much of an impact a "monsoon" can have I had great expectations as to what the line would look like, especially as it was called one.

Tanya took inspiration from her time in Northern Laos, where she spent time with the Hmong Hill-tribe people. This inspiration led to the Monsoon Collection which even features the Lao symbol for "mountain" in every piece.

Here are some of the marketing pictures from the press release which I wanted to share with you to show that this collection lives up to its name "Monsoon" as it definitely doesn't disappoint.

I absolutely love the simplicity of the pieces, with the intricate pattern details so they just stand out enough for you to appreciate their beauty . 
  As I have recently got married, I'm now wearing gold jewellery to match my bridal set and my favourite pieces from the collection has to be the Bokeo bangle in gold with matching Bokeo necklace.

Head over to www.zefyrjewels.com.au/monsoon to see the full collection!

Or follow Zefyr on instragram at instagram.com/zefyr_jewels

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